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May 29, 2020, 2:39 pm




From the very first notes of Prince John’s baroque and moody ballad “I Told Her” to Amsterdam’s “No One Really
Cares” you’re thrown in a time capsule soundtrack filled with Harmony and Chamber Pop, Folk, Light-Sike sounds. Compilations like this would probably have never existed before the Fading Yellow series opened the listener to such gentle moods. Lots of guitars, arpeggios, flutes and obvious references to young Paul Simon’ songwriting style, as well as airy West Coast Sunshine Pop and English Acid Folk permeate almost every tune hereby included. An indepth research by Dutch Beat Era expert Erik Meinen enriches this 18 tracks album with a two pages long insert that will reveal the beautiful and truly interesting stories of each and every artist/band selected. Some “known” names like Alderman and Amsterdam will probably sound familiar. The acid guitar-driven “Wild Flowers” by Double You will surely bring back echoes of the Pretties circa S.F. Sorrow, but really we are into almost unknown territories here, for non-connoisseurs of the Dutch Folk saga that made the late Sixties and early Seventies a great musical stage for Folk-Pop and similar sub-genres in Holland. Now it’s your turn to discover them all.




Label:Teen Sound

The Kryng from Holland are back with a second album release one year after their debut LP on Teen Sound. Mastered by Tim Warren of Crypt Records, this new work displays the classic Garage, Nederbeat and Powerpop influences of the band, now evolved and moving towards Folk and even early Popsike, but the raw energy and catchy writing is still very active. The opening track “Don’t Dig These Modern Tymes” entitles the album and is somehow their musical power-garagemanifesto.
Way To Paradise mixes the Kinks with melodic NederBeat Pop, a sweet lullaby. The infectious chorus of Getting Rawer won’t leave your mind easily. More Kinksy Village era echoes in Come And Go. A sorta more “modern” approach to the songs arrives with “Just Want You”. The Kryng close the A side with the Jangly Folk Punk Pop You Got To Come Over. Side B opens with We're The Same, sort of grungy garage that brings back the feeling of their debut album. Someone from The Past delivers a cristalline summer night Pop hit. Next we hear the band definitive tribute to The Kinks Lazy Old Sun in Where Things Come From. Mark, Peter, Arjan your second album is second to no one and we too, don't dig these modern tymes. The Kryng's world of songs is definitely more appealing to us.




Label:Teen Sound

Remastered edition, previously released on CD (2010) which includes insert with lyrics and pictures. Allan Crockford was an original member of ‘Medway Garage-Rock legends’ (c) The Prisoners, and also The Solarflares (who were actually better) and The Prime Movers (who weren’t) along with Graham Day, now ripping it up (whatever ‘it’ is) with his fabulous Gaolers. Allan was also in the original (and best, obviously) line-ups of the The James Taylor Quartet and Billy Childish’s Thee Headcoats. He was also in Phaze, Goodchilde and until recently The Stabilisers. He still also plays in The Vandebilts. After years of letting other band members write all the material he finally decided to try writing songs himself and front a band. The line-up of The Galileo 7 was eventually selected from Medway’s finest musicians... the ones who didn’t say no: Paul Moss is Kent’s most in demand bassist and plays at least 3 gigs a night. He hasn’t slept for over 5 years. Viv Bonsels has been playing the organ for over a month. A bassist in a former life, she is now learning to stick daggers in the keyboard and how to play the tambourine like Zia McCabe. Russ Baxter carves his drumsticks from the finest scotch cabers. (Original CD release liner notes from 2010). THE GALILEO 7: reversing into the future without a rear view mirror. Or brakes. And a dodgy clutch.




Label:instant classic

“Ronda” is a collaborative album between Chicago’s free/noise rockers Mako Sica and a drumming legend that is Hamid Drake. “Ronda” consists of five tracks recorded during sessions at Jamdek with Douglas Malone at the board and at Electrical Audio with Taylor Hales.
“This collusion was precipitated by Matt Jackowiak, a mutual friend, who thought a merging of their sounds might make for an ecstatic explosion. This feeling became mutual after they played a show together at Constellation. The set mixed Mako Sica tunes with improvisations that took everyone to places they hadn’t expected, and the trip was deemed an utter success,” says Feeding Tube’s Byron Coley.
“The Electrical session allowed the players access to a host of additional instruments, so the sonic palette on ‘Dance with Waves’ and ‘Emanation’ is wider and somehow more cosmic than usual. But the whole album has an extraordinary depth and width of sound. Even the great songs Mako Sica has had in its set for a while like ‘The Old Book,’ gain whole new levels of otherness here, and the material based in quartet improvisations, like ‘The Wu Wei,’ explores wild new territory for the band,” Byron adds.
“Ever feel like nothing changes? Sure, after stretches of sheer craziness, a certain stable life may have some appeal. But eventually we realize we want something more, something our staid Sudoku and ho-hum heroin cannot provide. Sooner or later, we become turned off to the creeping monotony and ritual in our everyday lives and need a real turn-on. Want some REAL thrills? Then you NEED the new Mako Sica and Hamid Drake collaboration album!” – Tiny Mix Tapes
“A psychedelic rock trio teaming up with a percussionist schooled in jazz, reggae and diverse musical traditions might signal an awkward, unsatisfying fit. In practice, however, it works beautifully” – Wire “On both their composed material and free improvisations, Drake’s preternatural sense of groove gives a dramatic shape to even their most amorphous jams, adding waves of melody and atmosphere that feel inspired by 70s Miles Davis and moody guitar twang that falls into the general vicinity of the spaghettiwestern scores of Ennio Morricone. Drake seems to bring out the best in the musicians, who constantly shift instrumentation and meticulously weave a richly
textured soundscape that never sticks to one vibe or rhythmic feel for too long” – Chicago Reader.




Label:instant classic
Genre:Alt Rock

“***” is a debut album from instrumental/post-rock trio Trys Saulės. It consists of five spacious tracks based on hypnotic rhythms and raw, distorted guitars. “I met Artur (Krychowiak, guitar) at his solo concert under the Nowa Ziemia monicker,” recalls Marcin Dymiter (guitar). “We tried to organize some rehearsals afterwards but for a pretty long time we couldn’t match our schedules. It dawned on me that we should maybe try and arrange for Dominika (Korzeniecka, drums) to join us. We’ve known each other for a while and I really appreciate her musical sense, intuition and the way she plays drums. When we first met as a trio it quickly became obvious that there’s more to our playing than just a sum of all its parts,” adds Dymiter.
For listeners familiar with Marcin’s impressive discography and musical past, both in his solo (as Emiter) and collective (Mapa, Ewa Braun) endeavours, it may come as a some surprise that he decided to come back to a more rock-based group formula. “I haven’t played in what you can call a regular rock band for some time now but it doesn’t mean I gave up on guitar as an instrument,” he explains. “Just to mention two albums released as Niski Szum and my contributions to “Pępek Świata” compilation and a soundtrack to Marcina Borchardt’s movie ‘Beksińscy. Album wideofoniczny’. Guitar doesn’t always need to be present as it can only serve as an idea, creating a specific approach to thinking about sound,” Dymiter says.
“As Trys Saulės we had an aim of creating instrumental music deprived of traditional song structures relying heavily on long sounds, repetitions and raw sounding guitars. Our tracks leave a lot of space for improvising and each time we play them live they sound different. Song titles are the only part where we could add some lyrical meaning to the music and these came courtesy of Marcin,” explains Artur. “I think it was during a cigarette break that we discussed our favourite bands. Then we took our instruments and that’s what came from it. After our first rehearsal as a group we already had what you can call song structures that got completed in a next couple of meetings,” says Dominika. “It happens every couple of years that I am able to meet people who are so focused on playing music that you don’t have to burn your time trying to reach some kind of agreement on the musical direction. That’s when sound allows us to get on the same plane and I value it very much,” adds Marcin. “***” was recorded almost entirely live. “When you decide to choose this way of working, you get closer to the truth. What you hear on the record is what you will hear during our live performances,” admits Dominika. “Each track took a couple of takes and based on this we were able to select the best ones that landed on the record. We wanted to avoid producing our music on a laptop and then try and replicate that on stage,” adds Artur.





Overview: In 1972, singer / drummer Bobby Harrison left his blues-rock ensemble FREEDOM and began recording his first solo LP "Funkist". Among the many first-rate musicians on this album was Micky Moody, then lead guitarist for JUICY LUCY. The collaboration between the two was so inspiring that they decided to start a completely new group and combine American inspired rock and R & B British coloring.
This was the birth of SNAFU, one of the best and most soulful British acts of the 1970's. Joined by drummer Terry Popple, bassist Colin Gibson and keyboardist Pete Solley (from PALADIN) the debut album was recorded and released in 1972. It started well! The group started an extensive tour to promote the album. They toured Europe with The Doobie Brothers and the USA with The Eagles. And SNAFU arrived dazzling. Their mixture of Rock, R & B, Country Rock and Folk was especially stunning live!
In 1974, on the second LP "Situation Normal", keyboarder Pete Solley had taken over much of the control of the band. The country rock influence on this album has become even more pronounced, Solley's keyboards / violin and Moody's Slide Guitar are next to the powerful Harrison the assets on this album and especially in the States the album was well received. However, a joint US tour with Emerson, Lake & Palmer was not a good idea. SNAFU harmonized better on their subsequent European tour with WAR! In addition, the band made many TV and radio appearances. To the recordings of the third album "All Funked Up" 1976 Pete Solley had already left the band and had wandered to PROCOL HARUM. He was replaced by Tin Hinkley, who was a sought-after session musician. "All Funked Up" was also the closing point of the SNAFU discography, the band also presented this album again extensively live and in impressive form. But during the tour in Germany Moody was invited to join David Coverdale. He accepted and left SNAFU after completing the tour.
Harrison tried to keep SNAFU together with Clem Clempson (Colosseum, Humble Pie, Champion) on the guitar, but it did not work. Looking back, Bobby Harrison: "I then started working with people like Reg Isadore, the drummer who worked with Robin Trower and Joe Jammer, we had a band together and lived a few years in Chicago, but unfortunately our manager died and the whole thing just ended up in disaster, but then I met this Icelandic girl and moved to Reykjavik with her, we started a family and it and started a whole new chapter of my life. " The tracks on this record were recorded live in Nottingham in 1976 during the farewell tour with Micky Moody and impressively show the class of SNAFU again.





The Darling Buds ~ Shame On You ~ CD Album The Darling Buds burst on to the scene in spring 1988. They formed in a tiny village in South Wales during late 1986, and signed to Native in october 1987, after been seen performing at TJ's in Newport, Wales. These recordings where made in Vibrasound, a legendary Sheffield, sixteen track studio, that is sadly now defunct. They went in to the studio for four days over the Christmas holidays of 1987. 'Shame On You' was the band's debut single released on Native, and it charted at #1 in the Indie chart. Things moved fast, with a second single, "It's All Up To You," again charting at #1 on the indie chart, whilst the first single was still in the top ten. It entered the National Charts later that month. By July that year, the had been snapped up, and signed to CBS.
This album was first released in 1990, and many fans believe that this release represent the band at their 'indie' best.





2.3 have a special place in the history of Sheffield music. They were the first Sheffield new wave band to release a single. The Double A Side ‘All Time Low/Where to Now?’ which was released in February 1978 on the influential Fast Product indie label. They were praised for their hard hitting but melodic, political yet often witty songs reflecting on life in the late 1970s as the noise of the Punk Rock explosion died away in the distance and everybody was wondering what would come next. Tony Parsons even made them NME Single of the Week. 2.3 have recently been back in the studio with Human League and Heaven 17 founder Martyn Ware at the controls who includes production credits for Tina Turner and Terence Trent D’Arby on his CV.





«Heart and Soul»: The Rideouts new release delivers a strong Garage Rock twang with a psychedelic feel. An Alternative Rock band from Liverpool and Trieste, their stylish sound swirls beautifully around Max Scherbi's smoked velvet vocals. Citing Cream, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles there is an undeniable nod towards the sound of the sixties. "Everything about The Rideouts screams "Classic" and is delivered with a cool, laid-back style with excellent musicianship and production. «Heart and Soul» demonstrates the strong dedication that the band have and how they have ventured further in to their sound. A sound that ultimately spotlights their musical roots and in turn produces the perfect Pop / Rock song.





Brilliant debut Album from The Stone That Burns. The CD has a beautiful full colour booklet, with many rare photographs of the band. This highly acclaimed album features the new Single "I Saw You Naked" and the classic "Paper Faces."



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