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April 25, 2019, 3:50 pm




It is in the chaos of destruction that creation begins to thrive; such is the case with OPUS TIERRA, the powerful  new full-length album from South Florida’s dynamic NIXA. OPUS TIERRA takes the listener through a doomed primeval landscape with shifting vocal harmonies and heaving rhythms, foreboding and lumbering riffs recalling the sound of earth giving way to mountains - mirroring the band’s own personal journey of vanquished expectations and building anew what was once familiar. Recorded by NIXA at their own Skybound Studio, and co-engineered and produced by Kristian Karlsson (Cult of Luna, Pg.Lost), OPUS TIERRA sits comfortably alongside contemporaries like Yob, Pallbearer and Neurosis, yet intones its own melodic ruminations on the nature of man’s duality and place in the natural realm. Exploring loss and ordeal, creation and destruction - themes that threatened to consume the whole band in the process - NIXA was reborn as a new beast through fire and grit. It is within this deep lore and passion that NIXA thrives and shows their mighty heft. “We wanted to create something new, abandon all old notions of what we thought the album should sound like, and move away from any and all restrictions - letting these visions flow like lava and corrode any previously held paradigms,” says frontman Valentin Mellstrom. Since their inception, NIXA has shared the stage with bands like Crowbar, High on Fire, Stephen O’Malley, and Jucifer, culling their firm stance in the sphere of heavy music, and ready to step forward into a world of their own creation. In 2018 NIXA signed to War Anthem Records, who will be releasing OPUS TIERRA March 2019 in multiple formats. 





The MORTADO project started somewhere in 2018 when MANUEL TOGNI (drummer of ALEPH, SOULPHUREUS, SPELLBLAST and deluxe sessionman for artists like ULI JON ROTH, BLAZE BAYLEY, KEE MARCELLO, DOOGIE WHITE) contacted GIANLUCA “GL” PEROTTI (singer and rhythm guitarist in the very beginning of MORTADO), after he had left EXTREMA for personal reasons, after a 30 year long artistic partnership. 
GL’s career deserves a spot of its own, here, since he was the charismatic frontman and leader of one of the absolute top metal bands Italy has ever seen. With EXTREMA GL recorded six studio albums, three Eps, one live album (even on DVD) and a “best of” album, besides many singles (including two major chart-climbing ones in collaboration with mainstream hip hop artists ARTICOLO 31).  
And still the picture gets even more interesting looking at the live activity: EXTREMA, when still in their prime, opened for italian biggest rock act VASCO ROSSI and for METALLICA, MEGADETH e SUICIDAL TENDENCIES in 1993 in Turin; played SONORIA FESTIVAL 95 with FAITH NO MORE, PAUL WELLER, ROLLINS BAND, PARADISE LOST AND BIOHAZARD; participated at SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2006 with ALICE COOPER, DEEP PURPLE, DEF LEPPARD, ANVIL, ARCH ENEMY, CATHEDRAL, CELTIC FROST; toured Europe with DEATH ANGEL in 2008; opened for MOTORHEAD in 2009; played at VANS SPRING CLASSIC 2013 with MILLENCOLIN in 2013 and several ITALIAN GODS OF METAL FESTIVALS. In addition GL released two albums with REBEL DEVIL and one with ALLEHELLUJA. 
At first, GL and Manuel were focused on writing more catchy and even commercial music in the field of rock and metal music, and a first line up was born to fulfill that goal; but it soon proved clear that the two founding members had a stronger attraction for the tough, uncompromising edge of the BAY AREA THRASH METAL they both grew up with. 
So, GL called no one more than Manuel back into the building and finally gave life to MORTADO in the way you can listen to now, a project and a name GL had kept in his mind for 30 years. Soon after, Simone Franzè and Stefano Franzè were recruited on bass and lead guitar (both of them live members in the bands of Dennis Stratton, Blaze Bayley and Will Hunt). The completed line up started then working on the songs of the first record and shot their first video and  single, “Rupert the King” (directed by Daniele Farina, responsible for the videos of the major italian metal artists), which will be the title of the album as well.  
The record was funded by the fans through a Music Raiser campaign, recorded by Carlo Meroni at the A.D.S.R. studio in Milan and will be released by BLASPHEMOUS RECORDS. 





SKANNERS Are Back! Announce Signing With ALPHA OMEGA Management/Blasphemous Records, New Album Coming Out April  2019. The Italian Legendary Heavy Metal Band since 1982 who are back again, announcing their new album, entitled “Temptation”, set to be released in April 2019.   
SKANNERS the real pioneers of Italian heavy metal! are ready to blast the stages harder than  EVER ! 





Two minds working together as one, united by a shared passion, a common vision and the drive to make their dreams a reality. Vocalist Stéphane Fradet and guitarist Grégory Giraudo came together with the goal of creating an incredible heavy metal band; a band that would know no boundaries and accept no rules. Their band would combine the crisp, precision riffing of thrash metal with the soaring melodies and fleet-fingered solos of classic metal; it would marry musical muscle and aggression with a real depth of emotion and sit sincere ballads next to sprawling epics and surround them both with steel clad metal attacks. Conceived by two minds working together, each bringing an individual creativity to the mix, the name of their band was obvious...Parallel Minds.  
Recruiting ex-Dagoba drummer Franky Costanza to assist them, Stéphane and Grégory set about recording the first Parallel Minds album, Headlong Disaster, which would be released in the spring of 2015. Headlong Disaster sent shockwaves through the scene, with Metal Gods TV declaring it a “spectacular roller coaster ride of awesome music.” An EP, Unplugged Disaster and a single, Spanish Disaster, followed that same year and then Parallel Minds stepped back from the spotlight to begin writing for their 2nd album. Antoine was recruited on bass duties and Franky Costanza passed on the drumsticks to one of his most talented students, Eric Manella. With their new dedicated team in place Parallel Minds entered the studio...  
They emerged with their second full length album, the stunning Every Hour Wounds...The Last One Kills. This new album brings all the elements that Stéphane and Grégory first envisaged for Parallel Minds together in spectacular fashion – all the power and passion, the exquisitely executed musicianship, the thrills and adrenaline, the potent emotion...everything that makes metal great! When Pitch Black Records heard these songs they immediately offered Parallel Minds a deal and now, on April 5th Every Hour Wounds...The Last One Kills will be unleashed on both CD and digital formats. The epic grandeur of album centre piece ‘Syria’ features guest vocals from Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land) and Yossi Sassi (ex-Orphaned Land) and one of two bonus tracks on the CD edition of the album is an immaculate cover of the Savatage classic, ‘Tonight He Grins Again’. If you love metal, if its essence lives in your heart and soul, then Parallel Minds are the band for you and Every Hour Wounds... is an album you need to hear!  





Life and death; the two opposing states that are the essence of everything. Since humanity developed the power to reason, to question and wonder we have searched for the meaning in life and the secrets that lie beyond the grave. Is there a purpose to the pain and loss that so often defines our existence? Do the answers that will make sense of everything lie beyond the cold soil, the incinerating fire, the unfathomable darkness? Hailing from Athens, the cradle of philosophy, named for Athena, goddess of wisdom, Lightfold are here to explore the ultimate mysteries with their incredible second album, Deathwalkers...  
Lightfold combine the brave, adventurous, challenging nature of progressive metal with the heroic, captivating, irrepressible energy of power metal to create something truly special. Their sound gifts itself to the telling of stories and the exploring of ideas. It fires the imagination and leads the listener through a maze of dreams, painting breathtaking pictures and weaving magical visions. Their 2014 debut album, Time To Believe was a brilliant beginning to what will surely be a remarkable tale, with METAL ZONE commenting on the abundance of “great ideas with great variety in sound, tempo and melody”. After this strong start Lightfold looked to the future with even greater ambition and prepared to explore life, death and beyond within the boundaries of one incredible concept album – Deathwalkers. The music that Lightfold have crafted on Deathwalkers is astounding; the melodies dancing over the mountainous, thundering, rhythmic foundations, the quicksilver guitar solos spiralling into the stratosphere while new vocalist Martin Deathwalker is our narrator, leading us ever on, our constant companion on this spellbinding journey.  
Pitch Black Records are known throughout the music world for their appreciation of the very finest in metal and they have flung their support behind Lightfold’s incredible creative efforts. On April 5th Deathwalkers will be released and recognition for this brave new voice in progressive power metal will surely follow. This is more than just another album – this is a journey into mystery, an adventure in worlds unseen, a blending of music and thought in one spellbinding explosion of creativity. Let Lightfold take you on a quest for truth beyond the borders of eternity. 





From despair to hope and then to despair once more; there is no end to the cyclic journey. It always begins with such aspirations, such fine ideals and good intentions, but the fatal flaws remain and greed, selfishness and a hunger for power eat away at the noble plans from the moment of their conceiving, until everything collapses in ruins. We compromise our ideals and beliefs as the sky grows dark above us; we repeat the mantra that ‘the ends justify the means’ while we slowly forget what the ends ever were. Only when all we once had is burnt to ashes do we remember our better selves and start to strive towards our dreams once more. This tragic, never ending cycle of inevitable destruction is the story of mankind; and the story of Stonecast’s magnificent third album, I Earther...  
The nature of mankind, the flawed creation, explored through a story that takes us through the absolute ravaging of earth and on into space, in search of new homes that will ultimately be doomed at our hands as well. It’s an incredibly ambitious concept to be contained within the confines of a heavy metal album...but Stonecast have risen to that self-imposed challenge and triumphed in glorious fashion! I Earther possesses a grandeur, fitting to its lofty subject matter, but its melodies are infectious, its hooks utterly addictive and the immediacy of its appeal undeniable. There is a breath-taking depth and texture to the sound, helped in no small part by the mixing skills of Roy Z (Sepultura, Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson etc), which brings out the full range of emotions explored in these incredible songs. Songs like ‘Goddess Of Rain’ really show a world class band at the peak of their powers – the stunning chorus, the electrifying guitar work, the locked in thunder of the rhythm section and the superb range and delivery of vocalist Franck Ghirardi – Stonecast genuinely have it all.  
Stonecast’s ascent has been a steady one, from their humble beginnings in the streets of Marseille to the stage of the monstrous Sonisphere festival in 2011, alongside Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. Their second album, 2013s Heroikos hinted at the glories to come and with Rhino (ex- Manowar) behind the kit, brought Stonecast to even bigger audiences and greater critical acclaim. Now, with I Earther, their greatest achievement to date Stonecast’s time has come. Be ready for what will surely be one of the greatest heavy metal releases of this year and beyond. 




Genre:Death Metal

Blackened Death Metal psychosis from Portland, Oregon! For fans of The Chasm, Deathspell Omega, Dissection, and Death. Featuring members of Blood Freak, Torture Rack, and Diabolic Oath! On their debut full length ÆNIGMATUM Maintain atmosphere, soul and grit while also proudly displaying clarity and dextrous skill!  




Genre:Death Metal

Cult Swedish Black / Death! The Choir Of Vengeance is a blend of black and death metal astonishingly simplistic, intense, atmospheric and melodic. Featuring Swedish Death Metal Veterans Lars Tängmark (ex-Dawn, King of Asgard), Karsten Larsson (Falconer, King of Asgard, ex-Mithotyn, ex-Dawn), Rickard Martinsson (ex-Mithotyn, ex-Bloodshed Nihil) and Magnus Linhardt (Falconer, ex-Mesentery). 




Genre:Death Metal

“Shadowlands Of Darkness” offers killer death metal tunes inspired and captured by the magical putrid essence of the old era bands like: Repulsion, Death, Master and Bolt Thrower. Featuring Swedish Death Metal veterans Anders Eriksson and vocalist Heval Bozarslan (both members of SARCASM), members of THIRD STORM and IMPERIAL DOMAIN. 




Genre:Death Metal

Evil, dark and heavy death metal from Melbourne, Australia.



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