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February 24, 2017, 1:14 am



Label:Dead Seed Productions
Format:7 Inch Vinyl
Genre:Rock And Roll/Psychobilly

New 7” vinyl EP release from BANANE METALIK, features all new mastered version of the SEXORCIST and never before released track NO PAIN NO BRAIN.

Strictly limited edition of 500 copies on “Slime Green” vinyl, all copies come handnumbered in silver ink.



Weight Of Massive Shots

Album:Weight Of Massive Shots
Genre:Death Metal

Putrefied Cadaver is a counterterrorist force at the time of escalation of military conflict in the world. "Weight Of Massive Shots" is a clip of 9 tracks filled with gunpowder and eager to penetrate the heads of peaceful citizens. Album's lyrics refer to negative social phenomena the humanity has been experiencing for many centuries during the times of war. Suffocating sharpness of guitar strings, relentless impact of drumbardment, massive earthquakes caused by guttural spewing and bass onslaught create unparalleled visions of self-destruction and motion towards the inevitable evisceration of the world. Putrefied Cadaver is an extreme live broadcasting of calamitous attitude towards life through bloodshot eyes.



Consecration Bound In Cruor

Album:Consecration Bound In Cruor
Genre:Black Metal

Ukrainian black metal imbued in human suffering and torturous infliction upon the masses. No compromises are made within these bloodletting, cursed creations of Ritual Suicide. A return to their 2013 album "Consecration Bound In Cruor" with new artwork and layout, on CD format which comes with a poster. Remember the old days of black metal, when there was only coldness and the dark, no feeling towards comaraderie or any kind of scene, just raw unadulerated hate and no remorse for any actions taken within the sounds spewed from this wretched art form. Expect nothing but hate and disgust, for all of mankind and its pathetic weak existence. Black metal lives on in bands such as Ritual Suicide and FPR is fucking stoked to reintroduce this awesome album! This is right up there with the likes of Black Funeral "Vampire; Throne Of The Beast" & Belketre's "The Dark Promise", true fucking raw black metal for those that dwell in the night!



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