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March 19, 2018, 10:49 am


Ur Djupan Dal

Band:Atrium Carceri
Album:Ur Djupan Dal
Label:Cryo Chamber

Ambient Veterans Atrium Carceri & Herbst9 team up on this mysterious album 

The harbor was humid and hot in this mysterious land, nothing like the frosty cold ports of  home. Yellow smoke danced to the beat of the drum joined by hypnotic women. The crowd spiraled inward, dancing to far away bells and the murmur beneath the ground. You awoke sweat clad in linen sheets, the naked woman passed a long pipe. The cherry sparked red like a dragons eye. Head leaned back against a soft pillow, body free falling from soothed skies. A thud as your body hit the ground on a pathway built by giants. Chanting, ritual drumming and spoken word weave in and out of this album that pays tribute to the old ways.



Yog-Sothoth: A Cryo Chamber Collaboration

Album:Yog-Sothoth: A Cryo Chamber Collaboration
Label:Cryo Chamber

A 2 hour dark soundscape album recorded by 20 ambient artists to pay tribute to H.P. Lovecraft.
Field recordings from foggy towns to desolate mountains. Deep space drone and crackling amplifiers combine into a black sky devoid of stars. Yog-Sothoth is a cosmic entity and Outer God of the Cthulhu Mythos and the Dream Cycle of H. P. Lovecraft. Born of the Nameless Mist, he is the progenitor of Cthulhu, Hastur the Unspeakable and the ancestor of the Voormi.
Yog-Sothoth is omniscient, and is locked outside the universe, meaning he knows and can see all of space-time all at once, that there is no secret hidden from Yog-Sothoth. So is this a compilation? No, this is a collaboration and huge undertaking. 20 artists linked studios and sound for over a year so that they could work with each other. This led to a deep exploration of the Mythos and Yog-Sothoth 2 CD album comes in a Deluxe 16 page DigiBook inspired by Joseph Curwen's tomes.



The Untold

Band:Atrium Carceri
Album:The Untold
Label:cyclic law

From beyond the illusion, Simon Heath brings us another chapter in his dark ambient epic. With this ominous release, he takes us to the origins: the primordial metropolis and into the void where the creator abandoned us. Ripe with otherworldly soundscapes, dusty field recordings and a meticulous attention to technical quality, this album stretches the boundaries
of dark ambiance and imparts our id with a raw slab of flesh to digest. This repressing of the 2013 album contains a 16 Page booket, The Untold Associates Collection 



The Edge Of Architecture

Album:The Edge Of Architecture
Label:Cryo Chamber

Field recordings blend with deep drone and ethereal overlays on this immersive album. For lovers of Sasha's unique style of cold and warm ambient blended together into an emotional (w)hole.



Miles To Midnight

Album:Miles To Midnight
Label:cyclic law

Atrium Carceri, Cities Last Broadcast and God Body Disconnect collaborates on this foggy noir album.

The invitation came in a cinnamon scented envelope. It had been years since your last visit to the hotel, before the headlines of murder had shut it down. Was it re-opened after all these years? A bottle of pills later, your car pulled up outside the old building. The lights were on, struggling to cut through the heavy fog. Distant voices and music lingered like smoke as you
entered the lobby. Miles to Midnight is a Dark Jazz Ambient album with a Lynchian Noir feel: A hotel trapped between two worlds and a detective with a traumatized past. God Body Disconnect's live jazz drums and cinematic wall-of-sound builds the foundation of the mysterious hotel. Cities Last Broadcast brings ghostly tape loops and melodies stuck in time. Atrium Carceri dusts off his old pianos and shatters reality with low bass rumbles and brings you into the other side of the hotel. For lovers of smokey soundtracks to unwritten movies.



The Infinity Coordinates

Album:The Infinity Coordinates
Label:Cryo Chamber

Pavel Malyshkin ( Ugasanie ) presents us with his dark space project Silent Universe.
Explore the anomalies that lurk in the infinite dark. Listen to magnetic readings of dark space as you probe the unexplored.
This album brings dark rumbling sounds in the raw isolated style that is Pavel's expertise. Recommended for fans of space ambient.



Ur Djupan Dal [VINYL]

Band:Atrium Carceri
Album:Ur Djupan Dal [VINYL]
Label:cyclic law
Format:Vinyl LP

Ambient Veterans Atrium Carceri & Herbst9 team up on this mysterious album.

Available as LTD Vinyl LP.




Come Pet The Foxx

Album:Come Pet The Foxx

WHITEFOXX is known as one of the pioneers in the rise of the Philadelphia Metal scene in the mid 80s. Formed originally as PRECIOUS METAL in 1982 as a cover band, the group’s first incarnation comprised of vocalist Tony Harnell, guitarist Barry Bennedetta, keyboard player Mark Soma, bassist Mike Regina and drummer Craig Soma. As the cover scene started to go sour, Harnell quit the band and eventually winded up fronting Norwegian outfit TNT. Bennedetta went on to play briefly in the band WAYSTED with UFO’s Pete Way.




Genre:Alt Rock

DeStijl was funded in the late 90's by P. DeStijl and John Cleary. After a 10-years silence, the band released their concept album “The White Stripes” in 2011, with a brand new line-up. This album is available in three versions, including acoustic
reinterpretations of the 11 songs and 12 dancefloor-calibrated remixes. in 2012, the band recorded their new album in Manchester with former “Chameleons UK” and “I am Kloot” guitarist Yves Altana as producer. This album features Peter Hook (Joy Division & New Order) on bass and Julie Gordon (Happy Mondays) on backing vocals.

They returned in Manchester during winter 2016 to record their new album, titled « debut » as a new joke. This new album
includes 12 songs, more dance beats, but is in fact the most rock of theirs. Again, they invited very talented people from
manchester such as Monica Ward and Louise Turner on backing vocals..........




Genre:Punk / Hardcore

April 8th this year marks the 5th anniversary of the passing of former prime‐minister Margaret Thatcher, and what better way to mark the occasion than with an audacious chart push from these anarchic Yorkshire troublemakers?

Alongside the anti‐Thatcher title track sits two B‐sides with a more contemporary tone, taking aim at the controversial and divisive ministers Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson.

Protest Punk lives ; why isn't their more of it the moment ???



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