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August 22, 2017, 10:37 pm



Band:Eastern Syndrome
Genre:Psychedelic Rock

This is the third release in a series of albums by the legendary neo-psychedelic band the Eastern Syndrome
from far east soviet Magadan , one of the major sensations in Russian alternative psychedelic rock of the
1980s-90s cusp. The record is a collection of the best and the most memorable tracks from the first two
albums released by the label, with the addition of rare versions and unique bonus tracks. The whole
material was remastered and edited, and the bonus tracks, never previously released, were meticulously
restored. The title track, “Celt,” is the most outstanding and powerful composition in the whole history of
Russian psychedelia, and this album features the remix edition of “Celt,” created by one of the surviving
members of the band. The group was one of the rarest, absolutely original and relevant projects of the
Russian and Soviet rock, its music was advanced, distinguished by the quality and complexity of sound.
The band ceased to exist because of the death of its key members.




Genre:Psychedelic Rock

Peter Lindahl is the founder and leader of the band In the Labyrinth. He created some engaging music in which Northern
psychedelic folk blends harmoniously with Middle Eastern music in the mid to late 1990s and has released this new album "One
Trail to Heaven" on the Trail Records label. The tracks included on the album are the most fascinating compositions with a new
re-mastered sound as well as some previously unreleased material and alternate versions of songs from Peter's exclusive
personal archive. Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Peter Lindahl in his studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Recordings
were made between 1993 and 2004.



Burning Arrow

Album:Burning Arrow
Genre:Black Metal

Burning Arrow is the second release from Vanum, the collaborative project of K. Morgan (Ash Borer, Predatory Light) and M. Rekevics (Fell Voices, Vilkacis, Vorde).
Following their debut album, Realm of Sacrifice (Profound Lore Records) this EP reveals a band both expanding their sonic palette and rigorously seeking the distillation of their own essence. Though the sound of the band hasn't ultimately changed wildly, there have been key shifts that distinguish this release from not only Morgan and Rekevics' other bands, but also Vanum's own previous output. The duration of the individual songs, as well as the arc of the entire mLP, have been streamlined and trimmed of all fat. A muscularity and sense of triumphant might define the composition. This increased focus on riff-craft, embraced while managing not to eschew atmosphere, reveals the significant influence of classic Hellenic black metal alongside the furious Slavic sound that has consistently been a part of Vanum's musical identity. This new sonic influence, paired with a more belligerent and outward looking lyrical approach, serve to create an aura of bombastic power and arrogant glory; a marked contrast to the largely melancholy and inward looking mood and concept of the previous album. The sharpened point of Vanum.




Album:ASTRI - LP
Format:Vinyl LP
Genre:Black Metal

Hailing from Italy, Blaze of Sorrow was born ten years ago as a musical vessel to deliver themes of sorrow and self-reflection through nature inspired black metal with a number of folk influences. Masterminded by multi-instrumentalist Peter, after several demos they quickly caught the attention of the underground with their self-released ‘L’ultimo Respiro’ debut album; a record steeped in an ambience of despair and longing.
Throughout the years, Blaze of Sorrow have continued to fashion their unique approach to atmosphere across a further three full-length albums – fusing the essence of the night sky and the tranquillity of the wilderness with outpourings of pure anguish. The band has distilled their own instantly recognizable sound to increasing effect throughout their career.
Their fifth album ‘Astri’ is a fitting tribute to what the band has achieved so far in their career as well as offering a further development of their sound. Delicate acoustic guitars and sibilant, whispered vocals are contrasted with raging chords and furious percussion to deliver a truly immersive and atmospheric experience. Taking cues from legendary acts such as Agalloch and Katatonia, Blaze of Sorrow paint paeans to melancholy on waves of searing melody in a beguiling blend of dark folk and raging extreme metal. The encroaching autumnal twilight and desolate lamentations to the lost are what Blaze of Sorrow call home – and they invite you to join them.



Oathbearer - LP

Album:Oathbearer - LP
Format:Vinyl LP
Genre:Black Metal

Fellwarden was a concept forged by The Watcher (Fen, De Arma) back in 2014 to give voice to an epic, exultant form of black metal that nonetheless carries with it echoes of deep lamentation and remembrance. The Watcher’s goal was simple; to tell tales of sacrifice, of longforgotten heroism and the rearing timelessness of the storm-forged landscape against a backdrop of windswept extreme metal. Fellwarden’s sound is steeped passionate vocals, subtle waves of keyboards, acoustic guitars, booming choirs and powerful riffs, underpinned by a cavernous percussive battery courtesy of Havenless (also of Fen). 
After two years of careful crafting, the debut album of Fellwarden ‘Oathbearer’ is now ready to be proudly unleashed by Eisenwald. Six stirring hymns of strident ambience and powerfully emotive songwriting. A heavily layered, textured release, ‘Oathbearer’ at once convokes the essence of contemporary acts such as Drudkh and Negura Bunget whilst simultaneously channelling the spirit of the old masters – Summoning, Bathory, Abigor, (early) Emperor and (early) Ulver.




Format:Vinyl LP
Genre:Black Metal

Darkness. Experimentation. Heaviness. Artistic integrity. A band that is born as a tribute to swiss titans Celtic
Frost should have all these concepts as a basic reference when working on their own music. Formed in 2014 by
three “off-road” musicians with a vast experience in metal, rock, and hardcore bands of Asturias (Spain),

In less than three years, they have managed to form a solid base of fans in the metal underground scene of their
area. They have already shared stages with bands like Sodom, Entombed AD, Minsk, Holy Moses, Angelus
Apatrida, Horn of the Rhino, Bodybag, Kowloon Walled City, and Wolvserpent, and they preached their
musical philosophy widely in the north of Spain. This ode to darkness was depicted in the self-released Demo
2016, a three-song / 43-minute-long recording that served as an introduction to TOTENGOTT. The band sold
more than 200 copies of this demo and gathered a good number of praising reviews in the Spanish extreme
metal scene.



Cherry Blossom Life

Album:Cherry Blossom Life
Format:Vinyl LP
Genre:Punk / Hardcore

Cherry Blossom Life is the third album from East Anglian hardcore bruisers, THE DOMESTICS. This record sees them drawing evermore on their Japanese, Swedish and USHC influences, integrating them further into their already ferociously defined sound. It’s fast, it’s rabidly pissed off, but it’s not just another formula hardcore record.

“Stellar…if you’re gonna play hardcore don’t fuck around. THE DOMESTICS got the memo…pissed beyond belief” Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll
“One of the UK’s finest punk bands” Suspect Device
“Brutal hardcore…caustic yet intelligent” Scanner



Two Fuckin Pieces…

Band:Moment Maniacs
Album:Two Fuckin Pieces…
Format:Vinyl LP
Genre:Punk / Hardcore

Moment Maniacs were a side project in the late 90’s comprised of Marduk / Allegiance & Wolfpack / Anti Cimex members. Fronted by Tomas “Jonsson” of Anti Cimex / Wolfpack on vocals, T.F.P. is a punishing onslaught of filthy Swedish punk mixed with old school death metal. Recorded in 1998 at Abyss Studios by Peter Tägtgre ( Destruction, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, Hypocrisy etc. ). Originally released by Distortion Records on CD in 1999, these ten songs of blistering chaos are now available for the first time on vinyl!!



Four Minutes Past Midnight

Album:Four Minutes Past Midnight
Format:Vinyl LP
Genre:Punk / Hardcore

After their 1986 demo was released in 1990 as the Death From Above EP, Per Lundström (Agoni) remained the only original member of Discard. He went on to recruit Mats Svensson from Asocial on guitar, along with two others to record this solid full- length D-Beat album, Four Minutes Past Midnight. Originally pressed by Ripping Records in 1993, a sub-label of Plastic Head Distribution, FMPM will now see the light once again on Unrest Records with permission of Mats Svensson. Discard is one of the original D-Beat bands that played furious, bare bones and in-your-face Discharge infused hardcore punk. Even though they began as a Mob 47 side project with a couple of demos, compilations and one live performance, Discard had an impact on bands like Doom, who are one of the most important and influential British crust punk bands ever. By the time FMPM came out in 1993, the D-Beat epidemic had begun as bands like Disclose, Dischange or Disfear (and Disaster
before them) were proudly carrying the banner of Discharge-worship, the patterns of which had been drawn by Discard in 1985. Discard continues to play a crucial role in punk history as they influence the distorted sounds of D-Beat bands to this day. Re-mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studios (Portland, USA), this classic repress comes in a gatefold jacket with an embossed and glossed logo / title. Limited amount of colour vinyl will be available while quantities last!!



The Lost Ones - LP

Band:Bad Nerve
Album:The Lost Ones - LP
Format:Vinyl LP
Genre:Punk / Hardcore

Bad Nerve is the brainchild of Jonas Lyxzen whom, if you know your history, has been a part of a bunch of classic
Umeå bands like Abhinanda, Separation, DS-13, Insurgent Kid and so on. Jonas is joined by Melody Almroth (from
the local band Trots) on bass and vocals and new comer Mårten Bläckberg on Vocals and Guitar.

They’ve already managed to do a short european tour in 2014, a China tour in 2015 and they’ve released a
criminally underrated 7” on Ny våg. Ny Våg and also a split 7” with Fanzui Xiangfa from China. Both these were
released in 2014.

Now they are back with a full-length album called The Lost Ones. 14 tracks of simple yet innovative and catchy
punkrock that mirrors both the Umeå tradition and classic american Hardcore like Zero Boys, Bad Brains and



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