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October 17, 2017, 5:52 pm



Band:Toby Twirl
Genre:Psychedelic Rock

Originally from Newcastle, England, Toby Twirl was founded in 1968 and recorded three classic and now highly collectable singles for Decca in the late 1960s. The original members, Barrie Sewell (keyboard), Nick Thorburn (guitar), Stuart Somerville (bass), Dave ‘Holly’ Holland (vocals) and John Reed (drums) all hailed from the North East and played extensively in the North West from 1969 until 1971 when the group eventually disbanded. A very popular close harmony group, this their long overdue debut long player mixes original songs with a selection of carefully curated hits of the day.




Band:Bob Butfoy
Genre:Rock And Roll/Psychobilly

Solo album from front man of long time best selling Rockabilly band Jack Rabbit Slim with guests including Rockabilly luminaries; Darrel Higham (Imelda Mae), Alan Wilson (Sharks) and Rob Tyler (Restless).





Best Of 1986 - 2017 VINYL

Album:Best Of 1986 - 2017 VINYL
Format:Vinyl LP

Published for the first time in a physical format, this LP gathers the very best from his last three albums: Time Will Tell On You (2011), A Very Short Dream (2015) and The Many Moods of Papa Twig (2017). And yes! He's the father of The Lemon Twigs



Don'T Wait For Yesterday 1986 - 2017 Box set

Album:Don'T Wait For Yesterday 1986 - 2017 Box set

Second Volume of Ronnie D'Addario's recordings!. Available for the first time in a physical format!
This three‐disc box set contains the original albums Time Will Tell On You (2011), A Very Short Dream (2015), and The Many Moods of Papa Twig (2017). Total: 47 tracks. And yes! He's the father of The Lemon Twigs.




Band:Band of Outsiders
Label:hanky panky
Genre:Psychedelic Rock

Back in April, legendary UK music journalist Kris Needs reviewed the new Band of Outsiders single for Shindig!. In conclusion, he wrote: "The world will be a better place when their album is released later this year." Well the world just got a little better for Kris. And we hope, for you. SOUND BEACH TIME has finally been released.
The full album runs over one hour, comprising a dozen songs, including eight new tracks plus the four released last year as SOUND BEACH QUARTET. These songs run the gamut of the band's influences: from 60's British Invasion, psychedelia and folk rock; to 70's hard rock, glam, and punk; to 80's underground (postpunk to paisley); to 90's Americana. All produced by David Lee at his Sound Beach studio. The CD includes a booklet with lyrics and recording notes, photography by Andrew
Gardner and cover art by Valentina Elise. 
Band of Outsiders were formed in New York City’s East Village in October 1980, and regularly played clubs in NYC and throughout the northeast for most of that decade. Ivan Kral produced recordings of the band, two of which were first released in 1984 on a shared album with Certain General called “Far Away in America”. These and other tracks were subsequently released in 1985 in the UK and Europe (on the band’s own “Everything Takes Forever” and “Up the River”). For the “Far
Away” release the band, with Certain General, made its only tour of the US south and both groups’ first visit to the UK. In 1985 Band of Outsiders spent about half the year in the UK and Europe; especially in France, where they recorded as well as toured. The group broke up at the end of a European tour in May 1987. One-off reunion gigs were performed at CBGB; in November 1988 with guest appearance by Nikki Sudden (resulting in the live album “Armistice Day”), and April 1999 (as part
of the club’s 25th anniversary celebration). In October 2008, the group reformed to play a special benefit show, to help raise medical expense money for Bush Tetras’ original bassist, Laura Kennedy. Since then they have continued playing, and writing/recording new music. In 2012 they released “Sound Beach Quartet” an internet only EP of 4 newly recorded songs, and Spring Records released a vinyl only single "Gods Of Happenstance/Shakin' All Over", two songs recorded live in NYC in June 2012. Band of Outsiders: Marc Jeffrey, James McCarthy, David Lee, Richard Maurer.



So The Wind Won'T Blow It All Away

Band:Erik Voeks
Album:So The Wind Won'T Blow It All Away
Label:hanky panky

Though he only just released a few singles (on legendary indie labels Bus Stop & Parasol), and the classic 1993 album "Sandbox" (recorded with a cast of friends that included Adam Schmitt, Patrick Hawley, Jay Bennett, Steve Scariano and Nick Rudd), Erik Voeks' music has resonated deep with a small but dedicated group of powerpop aficionados throughout the world. "Lost treasure", "hidden gem" are expressions often used to describe "Sandbox", which was rereleased digitally in 2013.
For years he kept a low profile, but he never gave up music recording home demos, playing with a few friends as The Octopus Frontier, or even touring in the U.S. and Europe with Jon Dee Graham. In late 2012 Spring Records released on vinyl a 4-song EP titled "Free Range", that received rave reviews. Since then Erik has kept himself busy putting out more new recordings through his bandcamp page, playing shows and touring Spain a couple of times. "So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away"
gathers a series of digital only singles Erik released monthly earlier this year (from April to September), and two new recordings. Thirteen new songs of pure unadultered POP. Every bit as good as good, if not better, as his much remembered and revered "Sandbox".




Label:hanky panky
Format:Vinyl LP

Enigmatic singer/songwriter JOHN KILLIGREW had the knack for beautiful melodies and poignant lyrics, in the vein of the Bee Gees or Clifford T. Ward or even Gerry Rafferty. This is his only album, produced and arranged by PETE DELLO and featuring the members of HONEYBUS and guitar ace B ILLY BREMNER (Rockpile) as backing band. Released in 1971 on Larry Page’s legendary Penny Farthing label, this is the first European reissue. Includes insert with lyrics and notes by Pete Dello. Vinyl only limited edition of 500 copies (LAST COPIES!!)




Band:Luther Russell
Label:hanky panky

Luther Russell is a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Los Angeles, California. His career began with DGC and American recording artists The Freewheelers twenty-five years ago. As a solo artist he has released an eclectic series of albums that range from folk-rock to power-pop…and even funk. His latest, The Invisible Audience, is a kaleidoscopic double-album which won raves across the board. As producer he has worked with many critically acclaimed artists
such as Richmond Fontaine, Fernando, Sarabeth Tucek and Ned Roberts. Luther’s albums and production work for others have been praised by the likes of Uncut, Mojo, Word, BBC, Tape Op, L.A. Times, NME, The Quietus and more. His music has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO and Showtime. Luther’s latest project is Those Pretty Wrongs, a duo with Jody Stephens of the legendary group Big Star. Their self-titled full-length was released on Ardent/Burger to ecstatic reviews and
they’ve since toured three continents. Luther also co-wrote two songs for Weezer’s recent Grammy-nominated self-titled record. A two-disc retrospective of his career entitled Selective Memories: An Anthology will is released this year, as well as a new studio album, Medium Cool. He is a Sagittarius.



Wish I Was

Band:Mabel Joy
Album:Wish I Was
Label:hanky panky
Genre:Psychedelic Rock

There are records and then there are records. Most importantly, the ones you like and the ones that you not only like, but can’t help to like. Because, quite simply, they get to you in a way that no other does. Some unique magic happens when you spin them, and song after song after song you kind of fall under a spell. Do you believe in magic? There surely aren’t that many records in this category, and for me Mabel Joy’s Wish I Was belongs right in it. The kind of record you want each and every one of your friends to hear… Because, records, like books and movies, can actually change your life. When, 20 years ago, Wish I Was, Mabel Joy’s first and only album, was released on Bam Caruso (Phil Smee’s fabled record label) the prevailing
musical trends (grunge and Britpop conquering the world) conspired to altogether ignore a musical approach that managed to blend “the musical journeys of Tim Hardin and Tim Buckley, with the pop strength of American Music Club and Big Star”.
London based, three of the members of Mabel Joy (Geoff Smith, Matt Gale and Mark Brend) came from The Palace Of Light who had also released material on Bam Caruso in the mid 80’s (including the critically acclaimed album “Beginning Here And Travelling Outwards”), but with the addition of new drummer Tom Anthony decided to change their name and follow a slightly different musical approach. Although some could see traces of Fred Neil, Tim Buckley, Scott Walker, David Ackles or Mickey Newbury in Mabel Joy’s music, there was also the excitement of American Music Club and Big Star, and of Aussie greats like The Go-Betweens and The Triffids. The band’s sound was now more transatlantic and although the songs still had
very English sensibilities there was a whiff of country music seeping through. The album was actually recorded in a week during July of 1992 and was produced, engineered and mixed by Nick Robbins. The sessions were kept
live so as to fully capture the band feel and for some songs the sound was augmented by strings and piano whilst at other times things were pared down to a minimum. Alas nobody seemed to notice when the album was released almost a year later. The band played several shows in London, including a date supporting the late great Townes Van Zandt, before finally calling it a day. Nevertheless, the band and the album have attained a small but fervent circle of admirers that have held dearly to their beloved album, probably the reason why original copies are so hard to come by.
Matt Gale and Mark Brend went on to record two fine albums as Fariña in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Geoff is working on a solo album to be released soon. But Mark has been the most prolific in recent years, his sonic explorations as Ghostwriter have gained him much critical acclaim. Mark is also a noted music writer, having authored four books so far. The original press release for Wish I Was proclaimed the band to be “one of those well kept secrets you hear about. Hopefully this 20th anniversary reissue of Wish I Was will bring this beautiful and timeless music to a wider and more appreciative new audience. 




Label:hanky panky
Genre:Psychedelic Rock

As Stewart Lee points out in his notes for this long overdue reissue, the 80’s were different times. You had to live through them to “convey to the contemporary consumer the sheer unknowable mysteriousness of recently distant popular culture in the pre-internet age… Arthur Lee’s name was just a cryptic lyric in a Lloyd Cole single, Bert Jansch was ignored once a month in the back room of my local, and the idea that Nick Drake would one day soundtrack a Volkswagen Cabrio advert was

You could describe the Palace of Light by simply mentioning those names, or others like Scott Walker, the Go-Betweens and Cyrus Faryar. But while those references should be taken as a compliment, they can undermine the Palace of Light’s unique talent and greatness. At a time when drum machines and synthesizers ruled the airwaves, the music they recorded was unlike anything else on offer: the unashamedly epic vocals of Geoff Smith, the string quartet, the intricate acoustic picking and the twin guitar interplay that nodded to Television, Felt or Quicksilver Messenger Service. “Beginning Here And Travelling Outward” was light years ahead, in terms of content and production, of the debut recordings of virtually any other band of the era. The album got some great reviews, but though the band played a bunch of live shows in London and did some more recordings no more music would be released as the Palace of Light. With the addition of new drummer Tom Anthony (replacing Charlie Llewellin), Geoff Smith, Matt Gale and Mark Brend quietly morphed into Mabel Joy. In 1993 they released an album on Bam Caruso, the marvelous “Wish I Was” – also reissued by Hanky Panky Records – and disappeared shortly afterwards.
Matt and Mark went on to record two fine albums as Fariña in the late 90’s and early  00’s. Charlie joined the Austin alt country combo the Gourds and recently played with a reformed Maximum Joy. These days Matt composes classical music, while Geoff is working on new material. But Mark has been the most prolific. In recent years his sonic explorations as Ghostwriter have gained him much critical acclaim, and he is also a noted music writer, having authored four books so far.
It’s now the 30th anniversary of the original release of “Beginning Here And Travelling Outward” and along with the remastered album, this Expanded Edition includes one rare B-side from the “City Of Gold” 12”; a bunch of previously unreleased studio recordings and demos recorded between 1987 and 1989; six live tracks recorded for a shelved mini-album on Bam Caruso (covers of Nick Drake, Tom Rush, Mickey Newbury, Tim Hardin…); the rare 1991”Catherine/Books single, privately pressed
by the group and credited to Mabel Joy (reissued by Spring Records in 2011); and a brand new recording made last year by the original lineup.



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