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June 28, 2017, 2:10 pm


Exile to Another Dimension

Album:Exile to Another Dimension
Genre:Prog Folk Psych

Vlubä is an argentinian paranormal art project of ritual, cosmic, drone and free music founded by Müriscia Divinorum and Aphra
Since their fundation in 2001 they have released severals albums on different labels around the world (Ikuissus, Pseudoarcana,
Chocolate Monk, Foxglove, Phase!, RootDonLonie, Buh, etc) and many compilations, splits and collabs with artist like Alan
Courtis, Futurians, Uton and more.
Vlubä has played in festivals (Festival Integraciones - Perú and Festival los Lenguajes Alienígenas - México), several gigs in the
underground scene and multimedia projects... like recently, in the peruvian desert of Chilca with a hypnotic UFO show and a
radio transmission to space.
All their works are focussing on extraterrestrial theme, sci-fi and mostly in a strong psyche-shamanistic soundscape essence.
As they say: “Vlubä is an Entheogen”.
"Exile to Another Dimension" was recorded around 2014 with the vision in mind that they were a famous alternate rock band in
dimension. A quite different album in their catalogue.



Code Of Conduct

Album:Code Of Conduct

Four years after the release of their last album “Companion in Crime“, Funker Vogt are finally back. Along with their new singer, Chris
L.(Agonoize/ The Sexorcist), they present the new single „Der letzte Tanz“ followed by a new album called „Code of Conduct“.
The Band around Gerrit Thomas and Rene Dornbusch proves again that they still belong to the top of the EBM- and industrial-scene.
The new material contains a lot of excellent club hits: Songs like “Tanzbefehl“, “Phönix“ or “Kampfbereit“ as well as the new hymn and first single „Der letzte Tanz“ will soon head to the clubs.
But the fans will also discover calmer, almost melancholic tracks like “Für immer“ or “Armed & Dangerous“. Funker Vogt have always been part in the who is who of the dark elcectro scene and with the new single and album this will not change in the
future. Funker Vogt present themselves more complex and more vital than ever.
Funker Vogt issues the command to dance!



Endtime Psalms

Band:Aegri somnia
Album:Endtime Psalms
Label:Cryo Chamber

Aegri somnia returns with his long awaited second album on Cryo Chamber.
The hum of the Endtime Psalms echo through burnt out buildings. Awaiting impending death as the sky grows dark. Black smoke
wheezing from charred windows. We we're born from stardust, but are but puppets in a mindless game of DNA manipulation, life.
Deep analogue drones rumble under the heavy boots of the human machine. Aegri Somnia plays the role of field recorder and
audio manipulator with surgical precision.




Label:Cryo Chamber

"We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The
sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated
knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the
revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age". / H.P. Lovecraft

Arguably the largest Dark Ambient project to date, the Cthulhu album is a collaboration between 12 artists who all worked
together to pay tribute not only to Lovecraft, but to what lurks beyond our colorful illusion.




Label:Cryo Chamber

Massive sweeps of sub bass underlines this brilliant album. Serene winds of emotional texture mix with bowed strings. Guitars
crackle with slight distortion as they hover over fields of tape noise.
This album probes the depth of the future, where memory transfers into binary form. Digital consciousness in a perpetual loop
reliving the past in fractal labyrinths.



The Time Machine

Album:The Time Machine
Label:Cryo Chamber

SiJ explores Time Travel on the album The Time Machine.
The Time Machine propels us forwards and backwards in time. From ancient civilization, where the chatter reverberates in
clouded temples. To our impending doom in a future stripped of humanity. A grinding squeal as the paradox cracks reality. At our
feet blue skies reflected in a desert of broken mirrors.
Warm soothing field recordings mix with bright overlays and distant instruments. Taking the help of Textere Oris, Particula,
Wandering Wind and others, this album is as detailed as it is complex.
For lovers of atmospheric drone and field recording




Label:Cryo Chamber

As you set foot in Markland, the salty mist of the ocean gives way, swirling around your heavy boots as they crunch on the rocks.
Unexplored land left untouched. The wind screams around the mountaintops and something echoes in the distance. You make
your way across the steep mountain pass, your eyes water as the weather turns harsher with each step. From atop the cliffs you
kneel in awe at the primordial alien landscape stretching on and on. Your trembling hand covers the yellow hazy sun as you spot
wild shadows dancing in the dark forest below. A sickly thunderous roar builds from deep within the earth turning day into night,
what is this place?
Using only guitar and bass, and recording their improvised compositions live, Jim Field and Dorian Williamson create a deep
textured sound world. Evoking the ancient wonder that the Norse explorers must have felt discovering Markland, the land of the



tomb of seers

Album:tomb of seers
Label:Cryo Chamber

Tomb of Seers is the second album in the "Tomb" series, the first one being Tomb of Empires:
4 ambient artists join forces to delve deep into history. Explore gargantuan mystical monuments and the root of occultism. Visit
secret orders and meditate in front of crumbling stone temples. Open your third eye and dig into the ancient core of clairvoyance.
Dark drone and huge walls of sound takes you to far away places lost in time.



Don’t Take The Rhythm From The Blues

Album:Don’t Take The Rhythm From The Blues
Genre:Rock And Roll/Psychobilly

4th album by established UK Rockabilly band.

One of Western Star’s best sellers !




Band:The Devils Deuce
Genre:Rock And Roll/Psychobilly

Debut album by hot, upcoming young Rockabilly/Psychobilly band

After gigging relentlessly in the pubs, this tight outfit have broken into the festival circuit and have signed to Western
Star. Their debut vinyl EP gained a lot of airplay and this, their first CD album is rockin' !



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